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9th September 2019

Running out of space in Google Drive?

Here's what you need to know...

It can be a bit scary when nearing your storage limit in Google. Whether you're using a free or a G Suite - Basic license, running out of storage is a matter of when not if.

Nephological's recommendation for G Suite users nearing storage capacity is to upgrade the organization to G Suite - "Unlimited". These type of G Suite for Business accounts have literal unlimited storage in Gmail and Drive when there are 5 or more users in the organization (1TB per user for 4 users or less).
However, sometimes this upgrade isn't an option, or not the right time. Here are a few easy steps to mitigate a Google account nearing its storage capacity:

1. Sort Google Drive by file size

Removing the largest files at the top of this list will give you some instant breathing room (don't forget to empty Trash/Bin. Actual storage % changes can take up to 24 hours to correctly display).

2. Upgrade storage for one user

Each user account can upgrade its own storage for just that account. Prices are affordable and less than most competitors like Dropbox.

3. Transition to G Suite file types

All those MS Word, .zips, and videos you've uploaded to Drive? They are eating into your storage consumption. But Google file formats do not. Transitioning to Gdocs and Gsheets will increase your collaboration ability and consume zero storage. Migrate your videos and images into Google Photos for better file management and zero consumption by photos stored as "High quality."

Need more help managing or migrating your data and files? Lost in a sea of backups and external hard drives labelled with names like "Backup to the backup"? Nephological has a killer success rate in resolving and future-proofing file management issues. Contact a system engineer at to consult with an expert!

9th September 2019

Google My Business is more than just managing your listing in Google Search and Google Maps.

It's an engagement platform to talk to your clients.

This can be in the form of responding to Google Reviews (and not just the bad ones), using Google Posts to broadcast something directly into Google Search (hello, free advertising?), or answering questions posted on your listing.

Regardless of whether your business provides services or products, not having a managed listing in Google My Business (GMB) puts you at a distinct disadvantage to your competitors and effects an impression of apathy or ignorance of technology.

Answering questions on your Business Profile helps:

 Educate people about your business

 Showcase quality customer service

 Build relationships with customers

Need help setting up your business inside GMB? Have a rogue or unmanaged listing? Nephological are experts in Google My Business, including Google Posts training, Google Ads Express campaigns (a GMB-only feature), mitigating negative Google Reviews, and more.

Contact a member of our team at to learn more on the power of Google My Business.

9th September 2019

Harden your 2-factor account security

With a G Suite for Business account

There are almost too many ways to count how a G Suite user account can be secured with 2-factor account (2FA) security. It is also why Google is an industry leader for commercial-off-the-shelf business suite software and security.

Other platforms can rely solely on SMS and recovery email addresses to secure their accounts, but these measures aren't all that difficult to get around these days.

Here is an example of a traditional 2FA setup using a primary Email account + SMS text based security codes for account authentication. The email address is also connected to other important logins.

But if someone wants to target this account to gain access to the other logins, it's not all that difficult to hack into the 2FA security if it is SMS, or worse, Recovery email address based.

How it is done is rather simple: the attacker gathers enough of your personal details from places such as social media (Facebook and LinkedIn especially), online wedding registers, and data pirates that sell your private data online for next to nothing. From places like these an attacker can obtain date of birth, mother's maiden name and your mobile phone number. They can then call up telco providers until they find your carrier and request a SIM port over to them.

This is more common and easier than you think, and once complete, the attacker is able to access your 2FA protected email account because they are receiving all of your SMS messages at this point. Once that's done, there is little to stop them from accessing just about everything you log into online.

Here is where a G Suite for Business account demonstrates it is ahead of the competition. Google 2-factor account security isn't reliant solely upon SMS based 2FA security, nor Recovery Email addresses.

Here is a list of non-SMS 2FA methods available to G Suite for Business users:

  • USB/Bluetooth Security Keys (Yubico et al.)
  • Google Authenticator app
  • Mobile device one-touch pass through (not an SMS code)
  • Backup 2FA codes (offline one time use codes you can print out)
  • Voice-based 2FA codes to your landline
  • G Suite Admin
It is unconscionable to not secure your primary email address with 2FA, regardless of whether you're an user, an Amazon Web Service (AWS) organization, or a Facebook advertiser or Business page holder. You don't leave your front door unlocked at night; why would you do the same for your main email account you rely on for your online activities?

Don't take our word for it, and don't think just because you're tech savvy you're immune to this threat. Read how an I.T. engineer had $100,000 of digital currency stolen from him using the method above.

Do you or your business need help securing your data from hackers and crackers and bears (oh my)?

Contact our security team at for more information. We specialize in helping small and medium sized businesses improve their I.T. with tools such as G Suite for Business and all-things-Google.

9th September 2019

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It's also our elephant burial ground for all our Nephological news archives

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Rob Cowie

Rob Cowie
RGC Marketing

Nephological has helped solve every kind of IT problem for me over the last 5 years, from new hardware to a lost phone recovery to everything Google. As an independant film and game producer it is essential to have immediate global help in every time zone. Can't say enough good things here.❞
I have been using Chris for over 10 years now. When I started it was just me, and has grown to 18 team members across 3 offices. Chris is very proactive and responsive and I have recommended him to many clients who are also very happy with his services. Thanks Chris!❞
Priceless Bookkeeping

Jodie Cowling
Priceless Bookkeeping

Nepho saved me when I had an email 'black out' because I was trying to maintain my own IT. Chris acted quickly to get me back up and running. Now I leave the IT to these guys. Definitely recommend!❞
Nephological provides all our remote I.T services on a consistent and affordable basis. I.T. support, digital marketing, Google Apps for Work administration, they do it all. Nephological is an appreciated member of the Altus Team, even though we are based in California and Nephological is an Australian service provider. With Google Apps for Work and cloud computing, this geographical separation means very little in the virtual world. Nephological is always an email, instant message, or phone call away when we need them.❞
Caspers Plumbing

Annie Scholefield
Caspers Plumbing

We were so excited when we found Chris to be part of our small business! As complete IT novices we were constantly having troubles and had no one to ask or give us help. Chris firstly came on board to fix up email and website issues we had that were created by a incompetent SEO company! Not only did he fix all those issues - he did a complete IT overhaul for us to set us up right and showed us so many tips and tricks to get us working smarter not harder. Even guidance on buying a new laptop to replace a 10 year old Mac computer that was dying! We just want to get on with the day to day running of our business and Nephological has enabled us to do that and give us the guidance we need if we do have any IT problems big or small. Chris is honest, friendly and very professional and always helpful in explaining and breaking down the steps so we understand. Would not hesitate to recommend Nephological to anyone.❞
We are small consulting firm and have been with Chris & Nephological since our first year in business, 2012. Chris has not only held our hand as far as advising us on the IT (& applications side), but he has provided VERY timely support for our team with all matters IT. We've enjoyed the use of first class tools (on the cloud), excellent security and access to our email and data, including, on our phones. Nephological takes away the burden and the guesswork and has truly allowed us to focus on our work. I highly recommend Nephological as a business partner because Chris listens, he's resourceful and he's there when we need him.❞
As a small boutique firm, Chris and his team have worked tirelessly (mostly nights) in assisting us to develop solutions for all matters IT. As a firm, we can always rely on their support, timely delivery of solutions and the customer care. We highly recommend their services and partnership.❞
Auto Key Pro

Korey Peters
Auto Key Pro

Can't say more thanks to Nepho!! These guys are awesome to say the least. From the latest and greatest websites, Google my Business advertising, and IT support at your fingertips. These guys go above and beyond to say the least. We have had a fantastic experience with Chris and his team and plan to continually work with him for the long term. If you've got doubts about using Chris let them go because he's the business. Thanks again Nepho!!❞
Nephological has assisted our group in Australia, Singapore and Malaysia with all our needs from the implementation of google cloud, google my business, apps for work efficiencies, SEO. Thanks to Nephological our expansion to Asia was a success as they have supported us through all our firm changes, increase of clients and team members. Thanks to Chris and his team, our firm is able to work efficiently from three different countries and break the barriers of working across the globe using technology. As a bonus, Nephological has also helped us to increase leads/enquiries with their support on SEO and google my business.❞

Julie Coulthard
Inkee Consulting

Unreal service and skills! Nephological has been an integral part of my business's formation, providing a progressive Google for business solution spanning Google email for business, integrated Streak project management (LOVE IT), Google My Business creation, cloud storage support and related *awesome* technical tuition and so much else. The extent of knowledge Chris and team have is exceptional. So too is the willingness to go over and above in every interaction. Chris literally saved my bacon recently with trivial IT conundrum I couldn't solve while driving from the airport with his mother in law! Not only have I felt I could always rely on Nephological's expertise and speed, but I've learned so much along the way which has been deeply rewarding and fun. You gotta get these guys on board as part of your support team. Seriously. It will BLOW YOUR MIND.❞

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