What is the "cloud"?

The "cloud" is essentially paying someone else to provide you with a majority of your personal or business I.T. needs on a single “platform” via the internet. Google Apps for Work is a platform you access using a web browser from any computer using your Google Apps ID and password. These services include email, contacts, calendars, online document storage, "apps" and other common I.T. business needs. A cloud solution is ideal for both the individual, small groups, and large corporations because cost can be scaled simply upon how many users.

Can I afford my own cloud?

Some cloud platforms charge their users based on how much functionality is needed, which can add up to a pricey monthly cost. Google offers an economical and unlimited functionality cloud computing solution called Google Apps for Work, ideal for sole traders, families, home offices, and small-medium businesses with a tight I.T. budget. Nephological helps setup and connect you with your own customized cloud using Google Apps for Work.

What do I need before setting up my own cloud?

A domain name you own, either new or already in use. A domain name is a URL or web address owned by you such as mybusinessnamehere.com, nonprofitnamehere.org, ormyfamilynamehere.net. Any URL you own can be used to create a fully functional Google Apps for Work cloud.

Don't own or know how to get a domain name? Nephological will help you from start to finish with the purchase and registration of a new domain name owned by you.

Do I need to purchase software to use the "cloud" and Google Apps for Work?

Absolutely not. The only software you need to access the "cloud" and Google Apps is Google's free web browser Chrome. Smartdevices like Android tablets and iPhones can download Google's free suite of business apps on iOS and Android for a mobile experience of Google Apps for Work. Those wishing to continue using legacy software such as MS Outlook or Apple Mail can opt to configure these local client applications to connect directly to Google Apps for Work servers. Google Apps also works with MS Office files and more.

How much does Google Apps for Work cost exactly?

Each user license costs roughly $5 AUD/USD per month, with options for a monthly or annual subscription plan. Each user license has access to all core and essential cloud services, including free and premium apps in the Google Apps Marketplace and Chrome Web store for the browser, and Google Play store for mobile apps.

If you have a 2 person organization, business, or family, your total annual costs would be roughly $120 AUD/USD per year; 10 person team, $600, etc. Nephological encourages potential cloud users to shop around and see for themselves that Google Apps for Work is the best value cloud platform available to consumers!

What are some of the services provided with a Google Apps user license?

  • Personalized email addresses and mailboxes using your private domain name
  • In-built instant messaging and video conference tools
  • Shareable corporate and personal calendars
  • Synchronized contacts with mailbox, calendars, and mobile devices
  • Secure online document storage and sharing
  • Easy-to-create and manage intranet websites
  • Google's social media engine on Google+ and YouTube for businesses
  • Mail distribution lists for groups of people
  • Two-token account security and Google firewall & malware protection
  • Admin Dashboard to remotely manage users and apps
  • Collaborative real-time online document editing
  • Thousands of free and premium add-on apps for computers, tablets, and mobiles

Is Google Apps for Work simply the free version of Gmail or Gdocs repackaged for businesses?

Not in the slightest. Users of Google's free Gmail and Gdocs service will have a familiarization advantage learning and adopting Google Apps for Work, but apart from knowing how these services work, Google Apps users have a completely new world opened up to them including new essential services and thousands of Marketplace apps unavailable to regular free Gmail and Gdocs users. If Gmail and Gdocs is the tip of the iceberg, Google Apps for Work continues well below the water line as far as the eye can see. One thing to mention is Google Apps for Work was formerly known as Google Apps for Business.

I use MS Office and MS Outlook for my main business software. Does that mean Google Apps isn't for me if I don't want to change what I already use?

The great thing about Google Apps for Work is you can use as little or as much of its functionality as you desire without impacting or changing how your organization already operates. Automatically share online from your local hard drive your Word documents and Excel workbooks with your team using Google Drive Sync. Install the free Chrome web apps for MS Word and MS Excel to connect your MS Skydrive, or edit your Microsoft files directly from Chrome.

A local mail application like MS Outlook on your PC connects securely to Google Apps mail and calendar servers, or opt for the richer-more advanced mail and calendar functionality of Gmail – Professional version using Google Chrome for Business connected to Google artificial intelligence. No more matter which method, MS Office users gain more functionality and security adopting Google Apps as their IT platform.

What about post-setup support if I have any questions?

All Nephological – Google Apps for Work clients are valued customers and receive personalized training and a period of unlimited support directly from skilled and trained Nephological I.T. experts. Additionally, Google Apps for Work licensed users all have unlimited access to 24x7x365 Google Enterprise Support customer care solutions, including email and telephone support, for those late night or weekend emergencies.

However, Nephological also provides post-deployment Premium Support Plans for Google Apps users who want personalized and advanced systems engineering support directly from Nephological.