In the beginning, there was UNIX…

… and it was good.

Nephological’s origin story began long, long ago on an operating system far far away.

Database administration, system administration, network engineering, systems engineering, corporate I.T. security…. Unix, Linux, OS X, Windows, workstations, and servers. For Nephological, these traditional systems and architectures represent something both sentimental and epiphanal to the skill set Nephological has to offer to its clients.

Without them, we wouldn’t be who we are and have the comprehensive understanding and technical expertise to understand how varied each organization’s I.T. can be.

This is at the core of Nephological, helping organizations bridge the then into the now. Understanding legacy systems, traditional hardware, network architecture, and I.T. security is key to helping an organization leave behind the past and transition to cloud computing.

Whether small or big, old or new, helping our clients to leave behind the past and transition to cloud computing is exactly what Nephological is about.

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